Time affects everything.........

     Unfortunately, many of our oldest, most valued ties to our

ancestors have not survived the passage of time well.

Our memories fade but our Photo's don't have to.........


Photographs connect us to the past and our ancestors like nothing else can.  Do you have precious photographs of loved ones that are faded, damaged or deteriorating?  Maybe they are cracked, faded, scratched or even torn?  Perhaps it was your grandmother's wedding portrait, a photograph of your great grandfather as a young boy or a photo of your precious child. 

Old photographs become damaged in many ways. Some simply from age, Others from improper storage becoming torn, folded, stained, or mildewed. These and other damage can be corrected and the image protected for the future.  I scan your print into the computer, then apply artistic skill with digital technology to return a photo to its original or sometimes even better quality. 

Photographs are prized possessions: captured moments and family heirlooms to pass on.  I'll turn your old cherished photographs into a timeless works of art that can be shared and enjoyed by generations to come.



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